Thursday, February 25, 2010

Furniture Buyers Beware

It has occurred to me that perhaps I can advise or at least bring to your attention some of the do's and don'ts of buying furniture. For the longest time we were repairing 15 year old furniture and older, but in the last year we are repairing dining chairs that aren't even 6 months old, drawers under 2 years old and so on.
Keep in mind that Wood can be repaired. Pressed wood when it breaks it tears, or crumbles and is almost impossible to repair. Many times with wood we can cut out the broken area and shape another piece of wood into the break and almost make it new. You don't have that option with pressed wood.
I realize the cost plays big part in the picture, but here are some ideas to consider when you go out to buy.

1. Most woods aren't as heavy as pressed wood. When the sales person points out how heavy and wonderful the piece is, you will know better.

2. Take a little flashlite with you and look behind a pulled out drawer. The Mfg's don't finish the insides and you can see what it is made of.

3. Furniture has a Huge mark-up. I have had to repair layered cardboard tops on dining tables, cabinets. It can be a nightmare especially when you have to pay to have it repaired in less than year.

4. Another thought to consider is that now the Mfg.can by-pass using veneers and can spray a wood grain finish on pressed wood. Oh, for the day when the furniture maker will return to this country, but unfortunately the big bucks do the talking and the foreign markets prevail. Unfortunately, you now own a piece of what I call TREELAWN furniture. It can not be repaired if you let any liquids get on it or heat, as there is nothing to protect the so called wood grain finish. It will disappear and you will then see the pressed wood.

Go to house sales. It is amazing what Real buys you can get and real wood. Have it refinished or altered to suit. Check out the Salvation Army, Goodwill Indust.'s for
used furniture and it will be real wood. Save your money and have it made.

Anyway, it was just a thought to point out some things to consider. If you have any
questions, give us a call or write.